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Re: InstantMirror needs a rethink

Jesse Keating wrote:

What's the alternative? I normally prefer NFS installs from a nearby downloaded-but-not-burned image. But I might change my mind if there were a way to pre-load a cache for an http install.

pxe, boot grub with downloaded kernel+initrd.  But I'm not quite
getting what you mean by nearby but not burned image, that implies
you're doing NFS+ISO install (IE the isos in an nfs directory), and you
still have to boot a machine to start the installer.

Yes, I've always found it easiest to download new install isos into an existing NFS-exported directory and burn only the boot.iso to start the install. PXE would be possible in my location but inconvenient in some of our other offices where someone else controls the DHCP setup and it would be awkward to set up an alternate lan.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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