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Re: long term support release

Jesse Keating wrote:

Are you saying these desktops can't ever run on *bsd/solaris, etc. kernels and libc's because they need features unique to this month's

Once upon a time (... in a galaxy far, far away) I used to build
updated GNOME versions for older Red Hat Linux releases.  It wasn't
easy, but it was pretty constrained to a small set of packages.
These days, I'd end up needing new hal which brings in ConsoleKit
which ...[1]

They may needa  ConsoleKit like thing doing the permission changes to
the devices as necessary...

I think that concept is rather bizarre anyway since I think of permissions as being tied to who you are, not where you are. But I tend to not use the physical console much either, doing most work via freenx/NX with the session resumed at an assortment of locations and client platforms.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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