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Re: Suggestion: Use Liberation fonts as default in Firefox 3

Le lundi 28 janvier 2008 à 20:09 +0000, Ian Malone a écrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

> > It's pretty sobering to read the net archives at about the time
> > Microsoft released Arial. You find the very same arguments against Arial
> > by people claiming Helvetica was the one and true font, that people used
> The major argument against Arial is that it MS chose it because it
> looked like Helvetica.

And that it's ugly as a sin, and that users won't ever like it, and that
fonts were meant to be drawn as Helvetica was.

> > to Arial make against other fonts now. It shows how subjective the
> > subject is. Arial will pass away like Helvetica did eventually. (now
> Helvetica has passed away?

Passed away as ubiquituous font most everyone has certainly. I've no
illusion about anything widespread disappearing in our current networked
digital way (say hi to next decade's NSA archivist)

Nicolas Mailhot

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