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Re: space on the live cds

On 26/01/2008, Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com> wrote:
> As usual, the live cd isos don't fit...
> I've spent some time last night looking for suspicious dependencies,
> etc. Here are some of the things I spotted:
> * Some devel packages get dragged in:
>   - policycoreutils-gui pulls in selinux-policy-devel, which in turn
>     pulls in checkpolicy. Why ?
>   - mono-winforms pulls in libgdiplus-devel
> * Some other questionable dependencies:
>   - man pulls in diffutils just so that man -a can optionally
>     use /usr/binb/cmp
>   - ekiga pulls in SDL ?

Just out of interest, what is the rationale for pulling in ekiga? Drop
ekiga (and therefore SDL) and you're close to shaving off the 12-odd
MB you need to lose for the live cd. Not having something close to
debian popcon its difficult to guess the demand but you could always
do this for Alpha and see what fuss gets kicked up?

Or maybe I'm missing something obvious....

Christopher Brown


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