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Re: In rawhide prelink -avR doesn't work, switch to -avmR

On Monday 28 January 2008 16:07:20 Bruno Wolff III wrote:

> After making sure that works in my case I'll file a bugzilla. I'll also
> refer back to the thread to explain why I am picking on Open Office
> as I am not in a position to argue that there isn't much point in
> prelinking the Open Office library. (I don't doubt you, but if I am asked
> why I am claiming that my only answer is because someone told me so.)

Heehee. Someone's going to be after my blood ...

In this case it really is just a case of "these are large, and normally only 
loaded the once" but it's a shame because prelinking *does* speed up loading 
of all libraries, especially large ones :)

I'd also recommend (in case anyone really does thinking I'm picking on OO) 
doing the same for e.g. libuninamelist and libgucharmap ... they're big too. 
Just do "find /usr/lib -size +10M" for the worst offenders ;)

Oo. In fact, yes, the eclipse jars are probably another good target ...

Really the only good answer is to do the prelinking on demand, so you always 
know if there's a possible collision between two libraries (if a program 
loads a shared object - at launch, or via dlload - and it collides with 
another (loaded) one, pick a new address space slot and prelink it).

And no, I don't have the gonads to do it myself :o)

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