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Re: bodhi 0.4.10 features

Christopher Brown <snecklifter <at> gmail.com> writes:
> > This is entirely unworkable in practice.
> Care to flesh out that statement a bit?

The workflow I and many other maintainers are following is to track one bug per 
problem, and if we have a fix, fix it in all branches. Having one bug per 
branch is very unhelpful, it means:
* 3 (4 in the month after a release) times as many bugs, for no good reason,
* no good way to involve all users in the same discussion about their issue 
which is in no way specific to the Fedora version (a workaround would be a 
tracker bug, but 1. it would be yet another additional bug and 2. how are we to 
enforce that users use the tracker bug and not the distro version bug for 
* having to clone bugs all the time, which is a PITA and serves no useful 
purpose, when the bugs are going to be closed at the same time or almost at the 
same time anyway.

IMHO, the only cases it makes sense to clone a bug are:
* if it turns out that there are significant differences in behavior between 
different Fedora releases,
* if for some reason it's easier to fix the bug in some releases than in others 
(so the bug can be closed for those releases and a clone for the problematic 
ones left open), though even in this case, many maintainers will simply opt to 
work with a single bug report and keep it open until it's fixed everywhere,
and both of these decisions have to be made on a case by case basis, cloning 
bugs upfront is pointless.

I think the model currently used by the security team is something which needs 
to be fixed, not adopted for all bugs. Having a reference to "CVE-2008-xxxx 
(Tracker Bug)" with the real description and another to "CVE-2008-xxxx (Fedora 
n)" which just points to the tracker bug means there's a useless reference in 
the update message (only the tracker bug is actually useful as a reference). So 
I'd say there should be only the tracker bugs (and possibly RHEL clones, I 
don't care about these at all, but I'd like Fedora to be handled in a single 
bug per issue).

        Kevin Kofler

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