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Re: long term support release

Randy Wyatt wrote:
There is a serious lack of understanding where Linux is, and where
most want it to be in this thread.  A presumptive reboot does not
actually provide any benefit whatsoever, and in fact often exacerbates

That is a pretty broad brush to stroke with.

  By the way,  all processes and modifications to systems in the field
I work, are heavily documented.  The first time I saw a 3B2-80, I
thought to myself what in the hell was that!,  but using known
procedures, I was able to recover what needed to be recovered.

That is a scenario so deep into the 'it works fine leave it alone' region its comical. A machine running with no changes being made does not need rebooted because the reboot might just break what works; I don't really think that is what Seth was getting at.

On the *far* other hand, a machine updating 10-20 packages a day (tracking rawhide for instance) does need rebooted regularly, otherwise what you're testing/operating is not the current state of development, but instead you're testing the result of an upgrade path across unstable packages you practically cannot duplicate (and never would want to). A whole different situation.

Average Joe user does need somewhat regular reboots even if he really could keep the system alive without them, because 1) his changes being made are not well documented, 2) the changes from updates tend to be fairly frequent, and 3) there is much less care taken in making sure the updates completely take effect every time than on a high availability redundant service a team of engineers are managing. It would seem foolhardy for a guy running a small business office server not to at least verify his hardware is solid via power cycles at some regular interval (naturally backing up the data first which he does regularly). He certainly does not need to update for every single little thing like some systems may require.

So the 'it works - leave it alone for two decades' and 'general use of linux for random purposes' are pretty dissimilar situations.

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