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Re: Suggestion: Use Liberation fonts as default in Firefox 3

Felix Miata wrote:
On 2008/01/28 18:37 (GMT+0100) Nicolas Mailhot apparently typed:

The ubiquitous platform's fonts were Arial, then Verdana, then
something else again in Vista.

I don't know if anything regarding defaults changed in Vista, but all the way
from Windows 95 through Windows XP, Internet Explorer through v7 has
defaulted to Arial for web page sans-serif text, and so have Netscape,
Mozilla, Firefox and SeaMonkey. In the UI up through W2K, the default was MS
Sans Serif (not a TTF). In XP the UI font was changed to Tahoma, but the web
page default remained Times New Roman, with fallback to Arial if the generic
sans-serif was called by the web page.

Segoe UI is the new system font (sans), Calibri replaces Arial and is
used as the default in MS Office (replacing the serifed TNR).  It's a
font for display on LCD monitors using MS's new rendering engine (or
so Wikipedia's blurb goes), so expect to see it blown up to ridiculous
sizes for posters and newsletters soon.

(Though Segoe UI does its job well.)


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