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Re: long term support release

Les Mikesell wrote:
Andrew Farris wrote:

there needs to be some plan to actually make sure that
happens so we don't mislead users.  A purpose and scope defined well
enough so that I can track some sort of performance metric.


Does such a thing("some sort of performance metric") exist for Fedora itself?


That would be impossible... one cannot have a performance metric of something so vague as a whole project this size (except in politics).

If you can't measure something, how can you ever improve it - or know whether you did?

You can't. Thats the point I was making. It is impossible to measure against a 'metric' thats not observable/quantifiable/finite. So Richard asks about measuring Fedora; can't be done. Commits/day to cvs, package changes, users logged into systems, bug reported, etc, are measurable. So is the number of random unrelated emails sent to devel-list per hour!
(ah the irony of this reply existing itself, with mostly pointless drivel)

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