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Re: Bug reporting HOWTO

On 2008/01/29 16:29 (GMT+0100) Matej Cepl apparently typed:

> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Matej_Cepl/Bug_Triage/Bug_reporting_HOWTO 
> but I plan to move it to BugTriage category once I will get 
> enough feedback to be happy with it.

> Would you please comment on this, what could be helpful, what is 
> missing, and what should be removed?

The Anaconda page it refers to is deficient too, so including some of its
missing information might help.

http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/BugReporting refers to a problem I run
into more than not trying to install anything post-F7. Only once have I
succeeded in installing post-F7 (F8). At least 20 other tries failed anywhere
from stage1 to stage3. On those systems only installing F6 or F7 works,
requiring Yum upgrades to get to F8 or Rawhide.

So, I'd like to look at that Anaconda log(s) myself, and maybe file bug(s)
about these recurring failures. But, I have lots of broken and unreliable
legacy devices (floppies), and no remote hosts ready to accept uploads. I do
have plenty USB chips and hard disk partitions ready to accept log files. Why
are there no buttons on the crash screen to upload the logs to a hard disk
partition or memory stick? Does "Save to Floppy" really mean something else?
If so, where's the doc?
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