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Re: long term support release

Les Mikesell <lesmikesell gmail com> wrote:
> Horst H. von Brand wrote:
> > What do you suggest to fix that? What do you feel is wasting
> > resources?

> >>            This causes "current fedora" to be of "suboptimal quality"

> > Without concrete examples and measurements, it is very hard to fix
> > this.

> So, how would you obtain the measurements, which are the obvious first
> step?  Some sort of interactive poll, either on a web site or a
> program that posts the results.

Fedora can look at Bugzilla logs, download logs (specially about updates),
access to their webpages, monitor what "the press" says, ... No need for a
(very unreliable!) "please answer this webpage's poll, if you happen to
wander this way and feel like it".

> >> and causes people to ask for "Fedora LTS".

> > Non sequitur.

> On the contrary, it follows perfectly from developers that don't
> know/care about the end user perception/experience.

Even worse. If the perception is that "developers don't care", why would
the perception about some LTS /handled by the same volunteers as a
sideline/ be any better?
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