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Re: long term support release

Andrew Farris <lordmorgul gmail com> wrote:
> Les Mikesell wrote:


> > If you can't measure something, how can you ever improve it - or
> > know whether you did?

> You can't.  Thats the point I was making.  It is impossible to measure
> against a 'metric' thats not observable/quantifiable/finite.


>                                                              So
> Richard asks about measuring Fedora; can't be done.

Many things can be measured, the trick is to select things that /can/ be
measured that (reliably!) tell something about what you want to know.

>                                                      Commits/day to
> cvs, package changes, users logged into systems, bug reported, etc,
> are measurable.  So is the number of random unrelated emails sent to
> devel-list per hour!

Right. Which ones tell you something worthwhile?

> (ah the irony of this reply existing itself, with mostly pointless
> drivel)

Nodz ;-)
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