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Re: long term support release

Horst H. von Brand wrote:

So, how would you obtain the measurements, which are the obvious first
step?  Some sort of interactive poll, either on a web site or a
program that posts the results.

Fedora can look at Bugzilla logs, download logs (specially about updates),
access to their webpages, monitor what "the press" says, ... No need for a
(very unreliable!) "please answer this webpage's poll, if you happen to
wander this way and feel like it".

I'd venture a guess that a large majority of user issues do not result
in a bugzilla entry. New users in particular will just try some other disto or go back to whatever they used before if they have a problem - and many usability issues may not be actual bugs. But if you don't believe a user understands his own experience enough to report it given a venue friendlier than bugzilla, how can you hope to improve it?

and causes people to ask for "Fedora LTS".

Non sequitur.

On the contrary, it follows perfectly from developers that don't
know/care about the end user perception/experience.

Even worse. If the perception is that "developers don't care", why would
the perception about some LTS /handled by the same volunteers as a
sideline/ be any better?

A realistic perception of how often you should expect major problems like updates that won't boot on a variety of hardware, sound not working, firewire issues, etc. would be good for everyone and some metric to show real progress would be more meaningful than someone just saying "oh, this is getting better now" with nothing to back it up.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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