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Re: Bug reporting HOWTO

Felix Miata wrote:
So, I'd like to look at that Anaconda log(s) myself, and maybe file bug(s)
about these recurring failures. But, I have lots of broken and unreliable
legacy devices (floppies), and no remote hosts ready to accept uploads. I do
have plenty USB chips and hard disk partitions ready to accept log files. Why
are there no buttons on the crash screen to upload the logs to a hard disk
partition or memory stick? Does "Save to Floppy" really mean something else?
If so, where's the doc?

Thats unfortunately not in anaconda, though some changes to that screen sound like a good idea to me.

What you can do is switch to vt2 (anaconda is on vt1) and work with the shell there. Create a directory, mount the usb flash there, and copy logs off that way. The logs end up in a different spot than /var/log since its not working in the chroot at that point, but I don't remember at the moment where the files are.. poking around should let you find it, anaconda.log and some others.

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