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Debian style net-install ISOs (from FudCON Raleigh)

At Matt Domsch's talk at FudCON some of us got into an interesting tangent.

Fedora could really use Debian style net install ISOs.

For those unfamiliar with the concept ... assume a minimally sized image that is enough to start up a net install for all content.

Now imagine the bandwidth savings -- you're not downloading anything you don't need. For most Debian users I knew, this is the way we always installed systems.

Imagine something like the rescue image (heck, this is only a slight tweak) with the following modifications: 1. a kickstart file on it that is set up for a network installation (everything else interactive)
  2.  the kernel options pre-modified to use that kickstart file
3. the network install source of a tree on download.fedoraproject.org (which is geoip magic) 4. and yum repos for updates (so installs can be done to updated content) that understand how to use yum mirror lists. (only the last part (4) seems to require any sort of software change)

Currently I am not aware of the ability to express mirror lists in a kickstart file (pykickstart doesn't like em?) but I know Anaconda can do this.

Debian actually had you enter in what mirror you wanted (I always picked kernel.org), but we probably have a even smarter solution with download.fedoraproject.org.
What else do we need to get this going and hosted?

I imagine the bandwidth savings for Fedora could be huge, but even more so, the users in bandwidth-constrained environments wouldn't have to download a full DVD (not even DVD 1) to get going.



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