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Re: How much personal information is necessary to close a bug?

On 30/01/2008, Lex Hider <floss lex hider name> wrote:

> I think that meeting is around 4am local time, so I may have to give it
> a miss. Perhaps you could put on the agenda how high the barrier for
> entry is. Not only do I have to create a separate Fedora account aside
> form the bugzilla that I have, I have to give out my personal details,
> and then I have to learn enough about gpg to make a key to sign up for
> the account.
> If I have to jump through all the above hoops just to close trivial
> bugs, I'm not sure if I'll bother.
> I can see no reason why anyone would need my address and phone number.
> What is stopping anyone from putting in fake ones.
> I was tempted just to enter address as something like:
> 27 Gumdrop House
> Lolly Pop Lane.
> (http://thinkexist.com/quotation/owww-look-at-me-marge-i-m-making-people-happy-i-m/748180.html)
> Surely entering the phone number and address details is useless without
> verification anyway.

Now I think of it, it may have something to do with code
contributions, copyright assertion, etc etc. Perhaps fall-out from SCO
case. Anyway, if you can ping either of the two above in #fedora-qa,
their handles are poelcat and jds2001 they will be able to set you up
quicker I believe. If you want to live at Lolly Pop Lane, by all means


Christopher Brown


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