Cannot access the Hardware Clock via any known method

Bill Nottingham notting at
Wed Jan 30 17:21:01 UTC 2008

Hans de Goede (j.w.r.degoede at said: 
> I'm no where near sure that this is the correct fix. I wonder if /dev/rtc 
> is needed during the initrd at all, and if it isn't I think that the initrd 
> should not create it all. Then rc.sysinit should be modified to run hwclock 
> after udev, or if there are reasons not to, create the /dev entry and load 
> the driver itself.

The idea is to set the clock as early as possible, to ensure coordination
among log messages, etc. After udev by definition isn't as early as

That being said, we *could*:
- move clock setting later
- set the clock from a udev rule

Ideally, we could use the kernel support for automatically setting the
clock when the rtc driver is initialized, but that would require everyone
to have their clocks set in UTC, or have the kernel reading a userspace
config file.


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