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Re: Debian style net-install ISOs (from FudCON Raleigh)

chasd wrote:

Reasonable proxy behavior would mostly fix that.

So the _default_ squid settings are almost worthless for caching RPMs either for updates or installs. That is not to say that squid could not have a configuration optimized for caching RPMs. However, for many people it is much easier to install InstantMirror or something like it than learn the ins and outs of squid configuration and tweak those settings. You will get better performance easier with an actual local mirror.

Changing squid defaults would help with any large repeated downloads. What does InstantMirror do for you if you use some other distro/versions.

Admins in larger organizations are more likely to spend the effort to set up a mirror on their local network, or even twiddle with cache settings if that is the solution best for them. Anything that can be done to encourage less experienced or less clueful admins to set up local mirrors is a Good Thing. At the very least it improves the update / install experience and reduces stress on internet mirrors. I can't think of any negatives to local mirrors off the top of my head.

Admins in larger (even small) organizations aren't likely to be particularly married to fedora or anything that needs extra per distro/per version work. If you want stuff to be cached locally, make it work right with a generic setup that will help with all large repeated downloads and document what that setup should be - or make a squid config package to make it even easier.

  Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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