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Re: Fedora Package Status of Jan 30, 2008

>>>>> "CI" == Christian Iseli <Christian Iseli licr org> writes:

CI> FE-NEW packages stats:
CI>  - 719 open tickets
CI>  - 510 tickets with no activity in eight weeks
CI>  - 31 tickets with no activity in four weeks

Note: this includes merge reviews.  Outside of the merge reviews on
the hit list (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/426387) most
reviewers are concentrating on the non-merge review tickets as
neglecting these potentially loses us both community members and new

Out of the 720 non-tracker Package Review tickets with no
fedora-review flag set that happened to be there when I looked, 487 of
them were merge reviews, leaving 233 review tickets, and of those 46
are blocked waiting on guidelines.  (There are almost certainly more
which should be marked as such.)  This includes all of the Java
packages.  Plus there are quite a few which are unreviewable for other
reasons (submitter not responding, submitter has been informed that
package is unacceptable but refuses to fix it, etc.)

So on the whole we're actually doing really well.  It's only the merge
reviews and the unreviewable Java package dump that make the figure
seem so large.

CI> FE-NEEDSPONSOR packages stats:
CI>  - 27 open tickets
CI>  - 2 tickets with no activity in eight weeks

BTW, those two tickets are https://bugzilla.redhat.com/192436 and
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/250747 if anyone wants to have a look.  I
have pinged most of the really old tickets already but never got
around to those two.

 - J<

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