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Re: Fedora Education Spin

Les Mikesell wrote:
Would it be possible to build a 1-CD base install that would then give you the option of doing a 'yum groupinstall some_big_set' if you have a good internet connection, or installing that set from a separate CD that does not have any of the base system on it? [...] If you don't want to bother setting up the infrastructure for yum groupinstall, just provide a script that puts the whole list on the yum command line - or make a metapackage with all the others as dependencies.

Hi all,

Here (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SebastianDziallas/Education) is a new version of the Education Spin. I have extended the table with some apps (thanks for the recommendations!) and created three categories (included, available via script, available via yum).

Currently, I have a problem with the integration of the installation script. I have added this to the kickstart file (post part):

# create script for extras installation
echo '#!/bin/bash'$'\n'"su -c 'yum install atomix blender enigma gcompris inkscape jokosher kalgebra kdeedu marble scribus solfege stardict stellarium taskjuggler wxmaxima'" > /home/fedora/Desktop/extras.sh
chmod +x /home/fedora/Desktop/extras.sh

But after having created this iso, I don't see such an icon on the desktop. Does anybody have an idea concerning this? And, by the way, will the script still be available, when the user does an installation to hard disk?


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