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Re: Debian style net-install ISOs (from FudCON Raleigh)

Les Mikesell  wrote:

What does InstantMirror do for you if you use some other distro/ versions.

As long as the package manager and upstream server use HTTP, you simply create anther InstantMirror virtual host for other distros. It isn't distro-specific, even though the packaging may be.

Admins in larger (even small) organizations aren't likely to be
particularly married to fedora or anything that needs extra per
distro/per version work.

Yep, and installing InstantMirror or something like it takes very little of that extra effort.

If you want stuff to be cached locally, make
it work right with a generic setup that will help with all large
repeated downloads and document what that setup should be - or make a
squid config package to make it even easier.

If you think that is a better course of action, get a sample config file included in /usr/share/doc/squid-XXXX/
I personally have no interest in that approach.
Different people in different environments will like different solutions to the same problem.

The more locally cached packages, whatever the mechanism, the better.

Charles Dostale

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