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libsyncml, co-maintainer needed (Re: Libsoup troubles in rawhide (compat-libsoup22 needed))

On Wednesday 30 January 2008 16:01:35 Dan Winship wrote:
> Alex Lancaster wrote:
> > Here's the full list of packages broken either directly or indirectly
> > by this change:
> Hm... I'd done a "repoquery --whatrequires libsoup" and only came up
> with 2 non-GNOME packages (libtranslate, which I've now sent the patch
> for to Dmitry, and libsyncml, which I've submitted a patch upstream for,
> http://libsyncml.opensync.org/ticket/130). Apparently repoquery lies
> though. :-/

I maintain libsyncml in Fedora. Although pushing the new release of libsyncml 
is high in my todo list, my job does not let me a lot of time to do it (and 
the build process of libsyncml have been switched to CMake).

I would appreciate help on that package. I may not have time for it before at 
least next week.

Laurent Rineau

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