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Re: How much personal information is necessary to close a bug?

Lex Hider wrote:
On Wed, 2008-01-30 at 10:51 +0000, Christopher Brown wrote:
On 30/01/2008, Lex Hider <floss lex hider name> wrote:
I was wanting to do some bug triage for fedora.
I checked out the list of NEW bugs for one of my favourite apps: amarok.
There seemed a pretty obvious bug that could now be closed:

I tried to close it and found I didn't have the privileges to do so.
I asked on #fedora-devel and was pointed to the triage team wiki page
and that I need a Fedora Account.

Apparently to open a Fedora account I need to give my postal address and
telephone number. Why is it necessary to give this personal information
just to close a bug?

Contrast to other projects I have contributed to where some realizes you
know what you are doing or get sick of you pestering to close bugs on
your behalf and give you the relevant privileges.

Here's an example of my bug closing credentials:
Look at Bug Killers:
Hello Lex,

Great that you're wanting to do some triage work and yeah, that bug is
the kind of stuff that we don't need hanging around any longer. :)

As for the information side of things, FAS is used for a number of
things, including the ability to create packages in Fedora and there
has to, at some point, be some accountability for how this happens.
With bugzilla triage privs you get the ability to modify to great
extent the bugs in Red Hat's main bug tracking system so I think its
understandable for this to be asked. Someone with legal knowledge
might want to add to this though.

Best place to hang out for triaging is #fedora-qa on IRC and the two
bods leading the charge are John Poelstra and Jon Stanley.


We have a meeting today at 1700 UTC in #fedora-meeting - would be good
to have you there as well.


Christopher Brown

I think that meeting is around 4am local time, so I may have to give it
a miss. Perhaps you could put on the agenda how high the barrier for
entry is. Not only do I have to create a separate Fedora account aside
form the bugzilla that I have, I have to give out my personal details,
and then I have to learn enough about gpg to make a key to sign up for
the account.

If I have to jump through all the above hoops just to close trivial
bugs, I'm not sure if I'll bother.

I can see no reason why anyone would need my address and phone number.
What is stopping anyone from putting in fake ones.

I was tempted just to enter address as something like:
27 Gumdrop House
Lolly Pop Lane.

Surely entering the phone number and address details is useless without
verification anyway.

I believe that we're removing the necessity for having an address and phone number in FAS2 (although having an alternate form of contact is definitely a good thing for many of the things people do in Fedora). GPG signing of the CLA is a legal requirement of becoming a "contributor". Whether a bug triager must be a "contributor" in this sense is up to Jon Stanley and John Poelstra to decide at this point as they're running the new triaging effort.


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