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Re: pulseaudio causing crashing of applications

Chris Snook wrote:
Andrew Farris wrote:
Benjamin Kreuter wrote:
No, but I have had problems with pulseaudio and arts on the same system. I wasn't around to hear the discussion about including pulseaudio in F8...why did we go down that road?

Maybe because pulseaudio is to arts what playstation is to atari? Now I'm a big fan of atari, but its old. Pulseaudio is very cool, just not perfect yet.

Perhaps a better analogy would be 3DO to Atari. Pulseaudio has a really cool design, but arts actually makes noise come out of my speakers. After dozens of F8 installs on 5 different machines, I have completely given up on getting sound to work with KDE. If I want sound, I have F7 and my old Mac. I imagine Ubuntu would work fine as well.

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that the Gnome developers are pushing ahead with all this neat stuff, but I wish they'd just let KDE be KDE if they're not even going to bother testing it. Every Red Hat/Fedora release since Red Hat 9 has had glaring KDE bugs not found in any other distribution.

    -- Chris

You don't think that might have to do with the VERY small group of people attempting to keep it working while pushing the envelope with the newest KDE has to offer? There is no question that gnome gets more attention in Fedora, but more attention for KDE and getting things like pulseaudio to 'just work' would probably be more likely with more people working on it. What the few do right now is amazing to even keep KDE in the game. IMO it has everything to do with just not making it work; not with gnome doing their thing...

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