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Re: Debian style net-install ISOs (from FudCON Raleigh)

On Thu, 31 Jan 2008, Nils Philippsen wrote:
One thing that's missing is decent support for having the Internet
connection directly on the machine, i.e. we can't rely on a DSL router
being present which provides the Internet connection. To do that we'd
need the PPPoe bits in the installer image and appropriate code in
anaconda. Bonus points if the upgrade method would pull the DSL
configuration bits from the already installed OS.

NB: I guess something similar goes for cable modems.

I've dealt with a lot of cable modems, but none that come to mind require software on the computer other than a TCP/IP stack. (MAC address registration crap aside.) DSL with PPPoE authentication is a bit of a corner case (but a valid one!).


(who supports 14 cable modem connections, 3 DSL w/o PPPoE, and 1 DSL with PPPoE...all terminated with OpenWRT devices)

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