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Re: GCC license change to GPLv3+ with parts staying GPLv2+ with exceptions

On Thursday 31 January 2008 10:22:21 Michel Salim wrote:
> And advance warning to those who maintain C++ applications: GCC 4.3
> breaks applications that do not explicitly #include the headers they
> use; some patching might be required.

It is generally a bad idea to rely on implicitly included headers, because it 
completely kills portability.  Different STL implementations use different 
header hierarchies, and so the best practice is to explicitly include any 
headers you need.  They all have inclusion guards, so there is really no risk 
to compiling if you do this, and most new C++ books advise this technique.

Unfortunately, though, until very recently most STL implementations had myriad 
quirks that made portability a nightmare even if you followed best practices 
and wrote 100% compliant code.  Alas, it is the same with every attempt at 
creating a standard; it takes years and years and years for the everyone to 
finally get it right (POSIX, CORBA, libc, etc., etc., etc...).

-- Benjamin Kreuter

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