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Smolt RFC: Submitting Profile on upgrade

Hey List,

I want to ask a quick question to everyone about a change I would like
to have made to Smolt.  We're looking at making some other broad
changes to Smolt which will be pushed as an upgrade that quite frankly
will be mandatory because of security issues.  There will also be
other information that has been requested by two separate parties.  I
would like to have the Smolt client send an update to the server when
it is installed.  It will, of course, only send information on a
system that has this already enabled by default.  The same information
will still be resent the first through third of every month.

This will ensure fresh information in our database.

It will also cause the server to run out of memory during an upgrade
cycle, although we have some countermeasures against that in
Infrastructure, but I'm just giving a heads up.

Any objections? Privacy? Blatant Abuse of bandwidth? Tinfoil hats?


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