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Re: redetermination of relationship between koji buildtags and used repositories

> I would to ask, how I can determinate which repositories are use for a
> special koji build tag liki dist-f9-gcc43?

You're probably talking about the "build target" here.  You can search
for a build target with that name, which will take you here:


Which shows that the build tag (where packages used to populate the
buildroots and satisfy BuildRequires come from) is dist-f9-gcc43-build,
and the destination tag for built packages is dist-f9-gcc43.

> And the second question is it possible to include this repositories in
> a local mock configuration?

Yes, you can use "koji mock-config".  Something like this should
generate an appropriate config to use to pull packages from the
dist-f9-gcc43-build tag:

koji mock-config --topurl http://koji.fedoraproject.org \
  --arch i386 --tag dist-f9-gcc43-build my-mock-config

Note that this config won't be valid forever, since repos get obsoleted
and eventually deleted.  It will be valid for at least a week though.
If you want the absolutely latest packages, you should regenerate the
mock config before every local build.

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