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Re: F9 for Eeepc

Jon Nettleton wrote:
On Wed, 2008-01-30 at 22:03 -0500, Yaakov Nemoy wrote:
On Jan 30, 2008 10:46 AM, Jon Nettleton <jon nettleton gmail com> wrote:
Thanks for the heads up.  I am not directly working with the Eeedora
project.  I am really most interested in getting the most functional low
resolution desktop as possible.  Xfce is fine, however I find that
desktop environment a bit restrictive.  Here is the environment I am
building/using right now on my eeepc ( by the way this is > 2GB's ).  I
know I know, but I am more interested in functionality than space.

1)  Devilspie to better customize size and position of windows.  Overly
large windows are still problematic and I am trying methods to fix this.
I am thinking maybe scaling the window with a compositing manager might
be the way to go.  Oh and some kind of gui to configure devilspie, it is
said that one doesn't exist yet.  I am thinking angelcake would be a
good name.
Except that it doesn't do compositing yet, I recommend XMonad for your
WM (or any other tiling window manager).  On such a small screen, it
should solve alot of difficulties you have in placing windows in a
reasonable space.  There is no gui to configure it either, but you
have the same barrier both ways.  At least this way you're not using
something as inelegant as devilspie.

The Metacity in Rawhide does compositing now.  That codebase with a few
patches I am working on works quite nicely.  I am not sure why you
consider devilspie inelegant.  It just hangs out and matches windows and
places them if you tell it to.  Very simple and straightforward.

Devilspie looks interesting. Looks like a nice lisp wrapper for stuff I had been doing myself with wmctrl. So maybe wmctrl is worth looking at as well.


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