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Review? LiveUSB persistence

I keep hearing these crazy rumors that RedHat actually wants to subject actual users to my LiveUSB persistence feature next/this month.

I for one think the feature is really cool, useful, and know of no showstopping or even known bugs. But I also would not subject actual users to it, without having had more people review it and sign off on it. Anyway, to absolve myself of any responsibility, I once again request code review and feedback-

The current code is easily reviewed here-


A tutorial for how to actually use my tools to add the feature to a livecd-creator created iso image is here (#1 and #8) (you'll have time to order a pizza and see a movie during the process)


And for how to actually use it, I don't have a good webpage up, but just see past posts to this list with persistence in the title (or even persistance). Likewise in those past posts are alternate incarnations which were in the form of a patch to livecd-tools, but those patches are most certainly out of date by now.

And I do happen to be aware that my scripts are so unpolished, that if I see no comments and feedback, it is NOT because the code is flawless :)



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