Pungi as CD installer build tool

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 07:01:20 UTC 2008

The OLPC School Server image is a "cli" spin for a server role, and it
is based on F7. Right now the install CDs are created using
livecd-tools, mostly due to hysterical raisins. An old-style text
installer would suit me -- and the task -- a lot better.

What I am looking for then is to be able to build an install ISO that

 - fits on CD-sized media (but then, I only have a small set of packages)
 - has a text installer that ideally works well on low-end hw, and supports
   serial console for headless machines
 - has better support for off-the-beaten path arches
 - the same CD can be used for installs and upgrades
 - the kickstart environment is closer to the env you get when customising
   a RH build
 - is resilient and produces consistent builds
 - extra points if it can build F7 installers from F9 :-)

Looking around, pungi seems to be the right tool for this, but some of
the documentation options are confusing, and it doesn't seem to like
the F7 repos I've thrown at it in my early lukewarm attempts. I am
happy to debug things through (and join the fedora-buildsys-list), but
I would really appreciate some hints as to whether I'm on the right
path, or perhaps I should be using something else.


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