Release Planning Recap :: 2008-07-30, UTC 1700

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Wed Jul 30 18:43:13 UTC 2008

= Release planning meeting, 2008-07-30 =

== Attendance ==
''Present:''  Tom Callaway (Engineering/Legal), Paul Frields
(moderator), Jesse Keating (RelEng), Jonathan Roberts (Marketing), Seth
Vidal (Infrastructure), Karsten Wade (Docs)

== Agenda ==

=== Reiterating purpose ===
* Not policy setting, nor decision making
* Progress reporting and schedule debugging only
* Making sure that dependencies that affect releases are being satisfied
across Fedora community teams
* Any action items are potential only, until pushed out into the
community space for discussion and follow-through

=== Current Alpha status (RelEng) ===
* Not finished
** Number of composes happening internally on f13's workstation
** Not enough got done during OLS/OSCON - not enough people doing
anything with looking at bits
** We can't compose yet in PHX, which is why it happens on f13's station
** Chasing down issues with anaconda currently, hopefully on the last
few now
** f13 hopes to have a candidate release tree
** New problem in installer right now
* Not yet in danger of slipping
** If we don't have a tree by tomorrow, that's not good

=== Infrastructure ===
* uncomfortable problems in existing BT server, it keeps dying
** Might be routing, or hardware... testing to figure it out
** skvidal is going to keep a very close eye on making sure the old and
new servers are sync'd
'''DEBUGGING:''' Should f13's routine change?  No.
* Space issues?  261GB available on netapps
** many terabytes coming back online "soon"
** drives hopefully coming in next week, then it's just reconfiguring,
no onsite required

=== Docs ===
* Alpha and Beta release notes are a one-sheet on the wiki
** Living document, can change after release day
** QA, Desktop, and RelEng have done a great job of adding some
important content
** Priority is to let testers know what you want them to do with the
'''DEBUGGING:''' We need a list of pre-approved URLs for release
* Docs can handle the majority of the text for the release announcement
email, and check URLs, so releng can concentrate on sending it out when
* Release notes production is hopefully going to change with F10 to use
an in-distro tool, publican, to build

=== Marketing ===
* Not much on plate for Alpha in particular
* Geek news will be all over the Alpha, are we doing anything to
publicize it?
** Paul has been working with Kara on e.g. a press blog entry
** Our announcement should also serve as testing recruitment

=== Legal ===
* Nothing at this time

== Next meeting ==
* Post-partum Alpha meeting would probably be useful
** if no agenda items, no meeting
* Definitely one a few days ahead of Beta freeze
** Announcements to go to fedora-devel-list

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