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Re: Java status?

Peter Lemenkov wrote:

> Currently we have 3 java implementations - GCJ, OpenJDK/IcedTea, ecj.
> Even more, we got  java-1.6.0-sun for EPEL.
> Could someone summarize current status of these realizations
> (fortunately, there is a dedicated wiki-page:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Java )? Capabilities, standards
> compliance, other pros and cons.
> I'm interested because some packages still built with GCJ, and I'm
> curious why they still not rebuild with (for example) OpenJDK?

Why not?

> Another question - what's the future of GCJ/ECJ in Fedora? Will they
> be superseded by OpenJDK?

It's a big job to answer all that.  Ultimately it will be limited
by the number of people available to do the work, and we're trying
to plan all that.  Be aware that full OpenJDK support is only
available on a few platforms, so there are gaps to fill.

I'll try to get all the status updates done soon.  We've only just
completed JCK certification for OpenJDK in Fedora, and that ought
to be plenty for a little while.

If I haven't updated the web page in two weeks please bug me about


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