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Re: new RPM version and Feature process (was: Re: Heads-up: brand new RPM version about to hit rawhide)

On Wed, 2008-07-09 at 11:26 -0800, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 10:26 AM, Josh Boyer <jwboyer gmail com> wrote:
> > I'll argue that not every package upgrade is worth a Feature
> > designation.  But the major ones should be.  Firefox 3 had one.  I
> > believe OpenOffice.org should have one.  For a major rpm upgrade, there
> > should be one as well.
> Distill that feeling into a generally applicable statement that
> package maintainers can use as a conditional test as to whether or not
> they should file a feature.

Simplistic start of a checklist:

1) Is your package included in the default install of one of the main

2) Is your package _the_ default application of it's type?

3) Is your package involved in the building of the entire distro? (E.g.
rpm, gcc, glibc)

4) Are there a large number of packages that depend on your package that
will be effected by an upgrade/change/etc ?

5) Are you trying to promote this package as a Feature for publicity

6) Does your package enable something that is highly end-user visible
(e.g. magically working wireless, push button pony making)

If yes to any of the above, please create a Feature page.  If no, and
or/you are still unsure, ask one of your FESCo representatives and they
will guide you.


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