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Announcing the Fedora EDU Spin Preview

Hi all,

the time has come... we've an education spin ready! Okay, it's just a preview, not yet an official spin and of course not bug-free - but I think it's still worth announcing it.

Here are the announcements:

[1] http://rdieter.livejournal.com/8549.html
[2] http://sdziallas.joyeurs.com/blog/2008/07/fedora-edu-spin-preview-is-liv.html

There are some things, one should know, which are also partly explained in the blog posts: Be prepared! The spin contains a KDE 4.1 preview and therefore uses the repos at kde-redhat. It also only focusses on mathematical apps - so don't expect *all* educational apps on it.

But still, if you have any suggestions, questions or ideas, how to to improve, please don't hesitate to speak up.

Having that said, here is the link to the download (currently i386 + torrent only):


Thank you everybody,
Sebastian Dziallas

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