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Re: OLPC & package dependency growth - RFE!

seth vidal wrote:
as we discussed in jabber - I've changed:
Cool, really fast and informative.

1. Could you add the sum total at the end ? ;)

2. candidate for split:
16026876	fedora-release-notes.noarch
perhaps into raw html, and css/images ?

3. I mentioned to some list a while ago that Fedora install for default / minimal F9 got to about 650 out 950 packages before it actually installed the kernel. It was suggested that this could be due to needing to get tools to build initrd to be present before the kernel install could occur. The output of this tool with kernel as argument suggests only about 80 packages are needed to solve deps. Is this realistic ?

4. Actually could you add the package count as well ?

5. Is the list ordered ie are things further up the list items that are {in general} needed by things further down the list ?

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