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Attention Spin Maintainers

Spin Maintainers, may I please have your attention.

To be included in the Fedora 10 release cycle, you'll need a Feature
page in category ProposedFeature (and change that to the ProposedFeatureF10 category when you feel the Spin Concept is ready for actual inclusion). This page should be ready (eg. prepared) before the Alpha freeze.

The Feature Page for that spin should have a short description of the spin concept, it's target audience, any notes you want to write down on why it is you do foo or bar. It should also contain a link to the kickstart, but since a mailing list is still pending, I suggest you email it to fedora-livecd-list redhat com The Spin SIG picks it up, does a technical review, and sends you the OK or comments. If the Spin SIG approves, your kickstart will be added to the GIT repository for the appropriate branch(es). At this point, it'll be forced to use "generic-logos", still. The Spin SIG will work with you to fit in the kickstart into the pool, get some things right or more right, and while you -by then at least-, should also have commit "access to the GIT repository"[1], the spin concept will continue it's path to the Board for trademark approval. Make sure that before this happens, you have some kind of strong argument in favor of the spin so they just can't say no. It makes all our lives easier ;-) Once you're kickstart (spin concept) has the almighty Board trademark approval stamp, we change "generic-logos" back to "fedora-logos".

The kickstart should be built upon fedora-live-base.ks in the
spin-kickstarts repository at:


This GIT repository has several branches: master, and a very distinctive
branch for each live release of Fedora out there. Naturally, the master
branch is where development goes against rawhide, and the release
specific branches is where you have a chance to maintain your spin
concept for the duration of the lifecycle of that release.

Basing on fedora-live-base.ks may be deferred from such as with the Electronic Lab DVD spin: it bases itself on the KDE CD spin so that minimal overhead in duplicate configuration and scripts is accomplished. You may do the same; as long as you make sure you tell us in your Feature page or technical review request. And if you don't tell us in your Feature page, I'll read it from the kickstart anyway.

For now, you are requested to start filling out your spin's Feature
page, get them to the Spin SIG (members are on [2]), request access to the gitspin-kickstarts group[1] in FAS, and start composing every two weeks or so, to verify rawhide hasn't changed too much.

To watch commits to the spin-kickstarts GIT repository, subscribe to the spin-kickstarts-commits list[3]

I'd love to see you all come back to me in the next week or so ;-)

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

[1] https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/group/view/gitspin-kickstarts

[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Spins (members, guidelines, DOs and DONTs)

[3] https://fedorahosted.org/mailman/listinfo/spin-kickstarts-commits

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