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Re: No answer to easy bug policy

Patrice Dumas wrote:

With Rahul, we prepared a new pollicy which aim is to force maintainers
to answer to easy fix bugs or orphan packages if they fail to do so in a
one month delay. It may look a bit rude, but hopefully it will help
spreading co-maintainership and quicker bugfixes. It is at


In my opinion it should be added to the non responsive policy at
I paste it here. Please comment. It should be proposed to FESCo after
discussion here.


First of all, I agree that non-repsonsive ness to easy bugs and / or bugs with patches attached is an issue.

But I'm not sure this is a good solution. There are really 2 problems here:
1) The person responsible for the package is letting these bugs linger
2) Others do not fix it, even though they could, because they are afraid
   of stepping on each other's toes, as you correctly point out.

I feel that your policy completely fails to address 2), whereas that might be one of the more important points. For example I don't mind other people touching my packages _at all_, which can be seen from there ACL's. So we could have a policy that says that "easy fixes" (whatever the definition) may be done by anyone with CVS extras without a prior headsup, when the ACL's allow it. IOW, codify in policy that the ACL signals how much a developer minds other people touching his packages.

Another possible solution would be a I don't mind my toes getting stepped on list in the wiki.



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