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[F-10 Feature?] Nodoka notification theme


as some of you might know, I'd like to make new notification theme (the
currently ugly bubbles [0] with various messages like package updates,
battery status, incoming mail, etc.) for Fedora 10 and I am quite
unsure, as it is rather a small change, albeit quite visible, whether to
create a Feature page for it. The current status is:

I've released first public release for testing [1] nearly three months
ago, and have been using it since then without any issues, also so far
nobody reported any bugs against it. It is also available in Fedora [2]
and in order to get it used, you currently need to set gconf
'/apps/notification-daemon/theme' key to 'nodoka' (without the quotes).
I believe Mathias added some patch to the appearances caplet to set it
by itself if specified in the gnome meta-theme, but it does not seem to
work currently in rawhide. No gui for selection the theme is available
ATM AFAIK. Also there is an issue with the notification-daemon that it
crashes when theme is changed, I haven't filled a bug yet (but will
probably do so soon).

As AFAIK it is a first notification daemon engine/theme created
separately from the notification daemon itself, it also needs some wider
testing if everything works as expected. For those interested only in
the looks, I also have some screenshots available [3][4]. I use
compositing when available so the bubbles look slightly better if you
have compositing on, either via metacity, compiz or anything else (I use
rawhide metacity with compositing on and it works well with it).

For test-list:
I'd be grateful for any testers willing to test this and reporting any
issues so that users in F10 will get only the improved experience of the
new design and no problems caused by regressions or bugs. You can report
issues both in upstream trac [5] or in rhbz.

For art-list:
For next release - which will be the one in F10 - I hope to improve the
design a little and with enabled compositing perhaps add some animation
when showing/hiding (starting from fully transparent, ending with
semi-transparent and vice versa). Any suggestions in this matter?

Thanks for your comments,

[0] http://mso.fedorapeople.org/nodoka/notify/preview/notify-orig.png
[2] http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/packageinfo?packageID=6197
[4] http://mso.fedorapeople.org/nodoka/notify/preview/notify-new.png
[5] https://fedorahosted.org/nodoka/newticket

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