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Re: Heads up - Mono


> > If we can manage to push it out as one big update, then I don't see
> > how having the same mono stack, with all the fixes that has gone into
> > Mono 2.0 would be a bad thing.  
> Cramming major-version updates of default system components into a
> stable release is not something to be done lightly. Fedora 10 is only 3
> months away; I think this should wait 'til then, unless someone can
> convince me it's worth the pain of breaking ABI and rebuilding a whole
> mess of packages.

Until I know the full extent of what will be broken, I certainly won't
be pushing it into F9 and I doubt Xavier will either.

To me, rawhide is there for exactly this purpose - a testing ground to
see how much is broken before pushing to stable.


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