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Announcing the Fedora OLPC Special Interest Group

I've already sent this note to a bunch of lists, but this is the list that really counts. You folks are the ones who will make or break this effort. Much of the work that lies before us is exactly the kind of work that all of you have been doing for years now.

So please, join up. We could really use the help. Those of you whom I know personally, I will be begging for your help off-list in a somewhat less dignified manner. ;)

* * *

The engineers at OLPC are busy building an educational experience for the kids of the world. They are basing their excellent work on Fedora.

Their time is stretched perilously thin. Every hour an overworked OLPC engineer spends doing Fedora work is an hour they could be spending doing something else. We in the Fedora community can therefore have a huge, direct, and immediate impact on the success of the OLPC project.

Thus, I am proud to announce the formation of the Fedora OLPC Special Interest Group. Our mission: to provide the OLPC project with a strong, sustainable, scalable, community-driven base platform for innovation.

Immediate Goals:

1. To identify and take responsible ownership of as many OLPC base packages as possible.

2. To maintain an excellent Sugar environment for Fedora, including a dedicated Sugar spin.

3. To identify useful opportunities for collaboration (infrastructure, localization, etc.)

We should convene our first meeting as soon as possible. If you are interested in participating, please join the Fedora OLPC mailing list here and introduce yourself:



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