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XULRunner and you

In last week's QA meeting, Chris Aillon (aka caillon, our fearless
firefox/xulrunner maintainer) stopped by to tell us what happened with
xulrunner dep breakage, and how package maintainers can help reduce /
prevent it in the future. Here's a quick summary:

There are two APIs provided by xulrunner - the stable API (gecko-devel),
and the unstable one (gecko-devel-unstable). 

The stable API, as you might guess, is not expected to change. So if a
package uses the stable API, it won't have any problems when the
xulrunner package is updated. The unstable API could change at any time,
so if your app is using the unstable API it must be rebuilt *every time*
xulrunner is updated. 

Packages using the stable API should have:
  Requires: gecko-libs >= 1.9
  BuildRequires: gecko-devel >= 1.9

Packages using the unstable API should have:
  %define gecko_ver
  Requires: gecko-libs = %{gecko_ver}
  BuildRequires: gecko-devel-unstable = %{gecko_ver}

Anything with BuildRequire: xulrunner-devel or xulrunner-devel-unstable
should be changed to gecko-devel or gecko-devel-unstable. (The
xulrunner-devel packages provide those things).

Also: if your package uses the -unstable API, please send
caillon redhat com a note, and *please* consider adding him to the ACL
(or opening it entirely). He keeps tabs on all packages requiring the
unstable API so they can all be rebuilt for each security update. 

caillon is out 'til next week, so it would be really good if you can
help clean this stuff up in his absence.



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