GTKEntry and all that uses it don't have a default transparent background

Mark markg85 at
Tue Jul 29 21:01:08 UTC 2008


Before i get the messages again like: have you made a bugzilla report?
And got marked as duplicate of:

Now what is the issue?

Ever since i see rounded entry fields in linux i keep seeing a damn
gray stroke around it that fills the entry till it's... not round
With some themes that doesn't make a difference and still looks nice
but as soon as a theme stasts using just gradient and just one
gtkentry widget or one that's related of it you will notice the
annoying gray border around it. The bug report itself is "just" 2
months old
but the issue itself is visible for far longer.

Not understanding the following

What i don't understand is that some widgets have this issue and some
don't For example a radio widget doesn't have this bug.
So to me that comes like: "see we can make it right but refuse it for
other widgets".. now why exactly in understandable terms is this
bug (that's what is it) still in GTK?

The solution??

In the bugzilla report Matthias Clasen (RedHat employee) says:
"...and it is still a theme issue. This border is drawn by nodoka, clearlooks or
whatever theme you choose."
Now to say that is fine. perhaps he is right perhaps not. But because
he also is a GTK developer and this issue is so wide spread at the
moment (visible in every distribution that uses gnome and rounded
corners.. Fedora, Ubuntu.. you name it.) so to quote myself on what i
had to say about it:

"Why do you say it's a issue of the theme engines? your a GTK
programmer so you can tell the engine developers what they do wrong and how to
fix it. But because big distributions like Fedora (you know all about it ^_^)
and Ubuntu are released with those ugly borders and while they both have more
then enough resources to adjust the theme engine to show those borders
normally.. So How to fix this issue that all theme engine developers encounter
and can't fix when they use rounded borders?"

Do i need to say more?

Why do i care about this?

Well.. i said it more often here. I want to learn c++ and it's finally
gonna happen in about a month then for about 4 months to start.
I already looked at QT and GTK to develop Linux application. For me QT
is fine but seems so much and hard to learn.. (i know.. looking at it
way to early but just looking at what i need to learn). GTK seems more
friendly to learn but i absolutely hate the small little bugs that are
in it
and open and probably easy to fix. It's just 2 bugs a.t.m. that really
bother me. 1 is solved: line truncating and saying like 2 lines then
truncate the rest.
Which is a bug that was open for 7 years or so!!! and still not in
Gnome!! (really something to be ashamed of. i did even got it working
here but
then encountered other issues.. so the gnome people should just take a
look at it.. for them it's probably a 5 minute job and a 7 year old
bug can
be closed) and the other one is this bug. Just minor really but does
give me a nasty feeling about GTK. Another annoying point is that bugs
unconfirmed for so long while they are just confirmed or even solved!
For me.. i still don't know if i need to start learning QT or GTK or
even abandon
those 2 completely and try wxWidgets.. And that's why i care. I don't
want to learn a "product" that's (sorry) poorly maintained or where i
get the feeling
that filling bugs is useless (got both with Gnome and GTK).

Why did i posted this here?

I wanted information of this and give it some attention. GTK is mostly
developed by redhat people and fedora is using the latest GTK version.
And because Fedora is now in development for version 10 this is the
perfect time to look at  that darn bug as well. That's why i post it

My goal

First just to get the attention of this bug!
Second to get this bug fixed! once and for all with the next fedora release.

Anything i said above is just how i feel about it. It might not be the
case for others! Don't take anything personal. (oke, the part about
Matthias Clasen excluded).
cc's him just in case.

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