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Re: Pungi as CD installer build tool

2008/7/30 Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com>:
> Yes, it can be ran in mock.


>> Does F7's pungi build a good F7 distro installer?
> Well, it built F7, so you tell me (:

Thanks for the confirmation - for a moment I wasn't sure ;-)

> D) did I mention
> it's ungodly complicated?

Ok, I get it -

>> In any case, I am most interested in understanding whether it is
>> designed to do what I am trying to do. If I fix/workaround its
>> limitations, is it the right tool to build installer CDs that... ?
> Yes.  You could use buildinstall directly to prepare the directory tree
> for installability, and then call mkisofs yourself, but pungi helps you
> with the preparation steps.

Great. That is the key answer.

>>  - have good support for off-the-beaten path arches
> How off the beaten path?  I've used it for x86 and ppc,

ARM? Assuming the rest if F9 supports it, of course...

I guess my remaining questions are "if I use it on F7, what should I
worry about?", plus some specific errors I am seeing, but I'm happy to
take that to the buildtools list.

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 martin laptop org -- School Server Architect
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