scsi_id has "no match" messages on RedHat

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Wed Jul 30 05:48:11 UTC 2008

Hi All,

When run command scsi_id on my RedHat4.6 Linux box, I got some messages 
with "no match".

In /etc/scsi_id.config, there is a line

There is a valid line in configure file,  I can not understand why there 
is a "no match" message
when treat this line? *Is this a bug*?

more detail outputs and the whole scsi_id.config have been listed as below.

[root at wjiang-RHEL4-32-1 ~]# scsi_id -v -s /block/sda
set_options: option 's' arg '/block/sda'
scsi_id: target_path /sys/block/sda
scsi_id: class_dev 0x0x9a044a8; class_dev_parent 0x(nil)
create_tmp_dev: (/sys/block/sda)
sysfs_get_attr: /sys/block/sda/dev
get_major_minor: dev value 8:0
create_tmp_dev: tmpdev '/dev/tmp-scsi-maj8-min0-20880'
sysfs_get_attr: /sys/devices/platform/host0/target0:0:0/0:0:0:0/vendor
sysfs_get_attr: /sys/devices/platform/host0/target0:0:0/0:0:0:0/model
get_file_options: vendor='DGC
'; model='RAID 5
get_file_options: config file line 28: vendor '(null)'; model '(null)'; 
options '-b'
*get_file_options: no match*
get_file_options: config file line 33: vendor 'someone'; model 
'nicedrive'; options '-g'
*get_file_options: no match*
scsi_id: per dev options: good 0; page code 0x0; callout ''
scsi_id: buffer unaligned 0x0x9a047f8; aligned 0x0x9a04800

[root at wjiang-RHEL4-32-1 ~]# cat /etc/scsi_id.config
# If you normally don't need scsi id's, or might be attaching devices of
# an unknown functionality, black list everyone. This is the default
# behaviour (if no -b or -g is specified).

# Then white list devices on your system that have correct and useful id's:
*vendor=someone, model=nicedrive, options=-g*


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