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Re: XULRunner and you

Will Woods wrote:

> In last week's QA meeting, Chris Aillon (aka caillon, our fearless
> firefox/xulrunner maintainer) stopped by to tell us what happened with
> xulrunner dep breakage, and how package maintainers can help reduce /
> prevent it in the future. Here's a quick summary:
> There are two APIs provided by xulrunner - the stable API (gecko-devel),
> and the unstable one (gecko-devel-unstable).
> The stable API, as you might guess, is not expected to change. So if a
> package uses the stable API, it won't have any problems when the
> xulrunner package is updated. The unstable API could change at any time,
> so if your app is using the unstable API it must be rebuilt *every time*
> xulrunner is updated.
> Packages using the stable API should have:
>   Requires: gecko-libs >= 1.9
>   BuildRequires: gecko-devel >= 1.9
> Packages using the unstable API should have:
>   %define gecko_ver
>   Requires: gecko-libs = %{gecko_ver}
>   BuildRequires: gecko-devel-unstable = %{gecko_ver}

Maybe consider something like this to help both stable/unstable camps:
Provides: gecko-libs(1.9) =

Then "stable" folks could
Requires: gecko-libs(1.9)

and "unstable" folks
Requires: gecko-libs(1.9) =

-- Rex

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