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Re: java, possible to package the gcj aot stuff separately ?

Colin Walters wrote:
Just to follow up on this because I think it's interesting =)

One possible utopian future is thus:

o Modify Koji to create profile-gathering versions of some targeted applications like Firefox; this would be a separate repository with packages of the same name o Have a yum plugin that allows you to replace your installed packages with the profiler-compiled packages o When you enable this plugin, Hotspot also goes into "dump profile information" mode o A new Fedora server where people can post the data from their profiled packages and Hotspot logs o Teach Koji to pull the data from this server and compile the software using it

Make sure you flag down some of the koji authors with this idea -- koji will need to grow a method of snapshoting the profiled data when it does a build otherwise it won't be able to satisfy its mission of creating a precisely auditable build.


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