Firefox and Moonlight (Mono) "Free Software" Status?

Keith G. Robertson-Turner fedora at
Mon Jun 2 11:19:51 UTC 2008

Verily I say unto thee, that Richard W.M. Jones spake thusly:
> On Mon, Jun 02, 2008 at 03:28:51AM +0100, Keith G. Robertson-Turner
> wrote:

>> Why are you still shipping Mono?
> Have MSFT actually revealed what patents Mono might infringe yet?

Do they ever?

Of course they never will, they don't need to - the FUD works better.

> Since Mono/.Net is just a warmed-over version of Java/p-Code and
> other concepts dating back 30 years or more it seems like these
> patents (if identified) are probably worthless anyway.

Yes I agree, but it isn't a very comfortable position to have Ballmer
breathing down one's neck and leering in a menacing fashion.

Keith G. Robertson-Turner

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