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Re: Custom DSDT Table in the fedora kernel at boot time

On Wednesday, 25 June 2008 at 14:27, Joshua C. wrote:
> This with my dsdt in the maistream kernel (as missing code) was
> just a joke. I think the kernel shouldn't collect fixes for broken
> dsdt tables but just provide a way to insert a custom one at boot
> time. I think it is poor judgemnt to incorporate anyones dsdt (or
> other system specific code like bioses) in the mainstream kernel.
> Just in case if this could have happended: at boot the kernel
> should look throught a register with broken dsdt tables and apply
> the "correct" one. and with new bios - should we incorporate our
> new dsdt? Should the kernel check (on the millions of pcs it runs
> on) for my/anyones dsdt? This is insane!

Nobody is suggesting anything of the sort. The fix (or probably
a workaround) should be done in the kernel acpi code, because if
Windows works, then so should Linux. We don't want users to mess
with their DSDT tables, however broken they may be.


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