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Re: broken deps at beginning of rawhide report?


>> Thanks, but it seems that the report was re-ordered for a couple of
>> days, but it has now reverted back to the broken deps being at the
>> end.
>> All the feedback on this list was positive about the change (and
>> indeed seems to have raised the general level of awareness of broken
>> deps as evidenced by the followup posts about broken deps), so I'm
>> wondering why it was reverted?
> I would imagine it was never changed in code yet, so not reverted either.

Ah, I see.  I didn't realize that it had been mailed manually for
several days more than just the day that Jesse mentioned.

> Andrew Farris wrote:

AF> But personally.. I'd still like to see the 'new packages' section
AF> at the very top as well because for the most part users will not
AF> be aware of these packages to test them if they are not
AF> highlighted in that way.  I think from the standpoint of getting
AF> best testing feedback, the best ordering would be:

AF> *new packages
AF> *broken deps
AF> *changes

That seems like a sensible compromise.


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